Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Turtle Bay Expansion must be stopped

The Turtle Bay Expansion must be stopped

It has been twenty years since Prudential’s zoning request for the Turtle Bay expansion was passed by the City Council and the Unilateral Agreement was developed between the Council and Prudential. The Belt Collins EIS was developed twenty-two years ago. In the meantime, Prudential immediately sold the development, for a giant profit because of the rezoning, to a Japanese Company at the height of the Japanese real estate bubble that burst soon after. Kawela Bay residents were forced out of their homes, which were then demolished, a few pilings constructed and public access eliminated.

With the ridiculous unilateral agreement stating that all public amenities (public parks and beach access) would come only after project completion, the public no longer had access to Kewela Bay, one of the nicest beaches on the island, with the only results from the development being a few ugly pilings that are still there.

Now we have a similar situation where Oaktree, like Prudential, wants to sell their land for a giant profit by getting all the subdivision permits in place through the C&C DPP without any public involvement, based on a twenty year old zoning and associated unilateral agreement, that was questionable at the time and is totally inapplicable today, and a twenty-two year old EIS that is equally inappropriate in today’s environment. For the State Legislature and City Council to allow this to happen would be a travesty of unequal precedent.

We recommend voiding the past zoning and associated unilateral agreement along with the EIS, and requiring the developer to go through the entire planning, permitting and zoning process from scratch


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